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Videos from those affected by Lung Cancer from radon

Janet was diagnosed with lung cancer and was shocked.  She thought only smokers could get lung cancer.  Find out why testing for radon now, is important for your future health.

Virginia shares her story of being diagnosed with lung cancer and not knowing anything about radon.  She urges politicians to make changes to policy.

Janet and Emma's story.  How Emma, as a daughter of a lung cancer victim wants to make sure children's future health is protected.

Mark shares his story of how he lost his wife to cancer and how others need to know that reducing radon, could have prevented it.

Radon Public Service Announcements

Summary: Mike Holmes Jr. talks about being aware of radon so that you can test your home and be safe. 

Summary: Mike Holmes talks about testing your home for radon so that your home's radon levels are safe

Suzuki Foundation - Queen of Green Video on Radon

Summary: This video explains how you are exposed to radon and what to do with various radon levels. 

Lung Association's Video on Radon

Dr. Goodarzi - Radon Video Series

Summary: This video talks all about what radon is. 

Summary: This video explains how radon causes damage to human lung tissue cells

Summary: This video explains what radon is, the dangers of radon, and why you should test for radon. 

Other Canadian Radon Reference Videos

Summary: This video explains what radon is and if you have tested, what you should do with the test results

Summary: This video explains the details about radon testing such as location, and set distances from other objects.

Jon Eakes On Radon

Mike Holmes On Radon

Summary: This video goes in depth on radon, radon mitigation, and other aspects of radon. 

International Radon Videos

ERA's video on radon.

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