Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists

Helping Canadians Reduce Radon Risk

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  • Canada's National radon association
  • Represents radon professionals
  • Promotes Public Awareness;
  • Supports and assists them in working in the industry;
  • Provides outreach and awareness to homeowners

Cost of Membership:

  • $300/year Individual Membership
  • $500/year Corporate Membership
  • (includes 2 members)
  • $ 75/year  Certified Membership
  • (C-NRPP Professionals)

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CARST Membership


  • Canada's National Radon Certification Program
  • Provides professional certifications;
  • Establishes standards of excellence and best practices

Cost of Certification:

  • Fees paid Annually
  • $100 per year for each level of certification
  • Paperwork filled Biennially Certifications must be renewed with qualifying Professional Practice Credits

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C-NRPP certified.

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