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November 2018

WATCH: Sixteen per cent of the homes in Saskatchewan are estimated to be above the radon level guideline which is 200 Bq/m3.

Monitor your home for radon with your library card

Radon detectors in high demand at Nova Scotia libraries

Time to test your home for radon concentration

Health Canada, Saskatchewan health groups warn residents about dangers of radon Take steps towards a healthier life — test for radon People in Sudbury urged to test for radon gas

Health Unit Offers Advice on Radon Testing

Elevated radon levels in 3 schools being retested

People in Sudbury urged to test for radon gas

Check your home for radon level — it's a leading cause of lung cancer

Take steps towards a healthier life — test for radon

Video: Radon Program

Powell River library makes radon detection kits available

COMMENTARY: Mineral surveys of Nova Scotia would help industry, enhance public safety

Radon Detector Library Loan program gets an influx of new devices to help meet demand

Homeowners Encouraged To Test For Radon

Insurance Companies Don't Cover Radon Mitigation But Experts Say That's No Excuse

More radon detector kits coming to libraries to help keep up with demand

Up to 30 per cent of Winnipeg homes have unsafe levels of radon: Lung association

High radon gas risk in region

More radon detector kits coming to local libraries

COMMENTARY: Mineral surveys of Nova Scotia would help industry, enhance public safety

VOICE OF THE PEOPLE: Nov. 24, 2018

New treatments, same old advice in the fight against lung cancer

Montreal real estate: Radon testing now recommended when buying a home

Manitoba homes rank 2nd highest in Canada for radon contamination

Address any potential radon problem right away

Radon gas and lung cancer: the scary truth

Radon Gas Second Highest Cause of Lung Cancer in Canadians

Local Business Drawing Attention To Radon, Encouraging Action

Get it right and air-tight

21 Yukon government buildings have unsafe levels of radon, test results show

Breathe in better air, not dangerous radon

Mike Holmes: Breathe in better air, not dangerous radon

NEW Health Canada Warning of Radon Risks

Radon Testing Kits popular in Grey Bruce

Radon Test in Grey Bruce

Test Your Home for Radon 

Take action on radon in your home 

Radon Responsible for More Canadian Deaths Per Year Than Motor Vehicle Collisions

Health Unit study finds majority of homes in Oliver Paipoonge have high radon levels (2 photos)

High levels of radon detected in region

Health Unit study finds majority of homes in Oliver Paipoonge have high radon levels

Quebecers indifferent to dangers of radon, need to protect their homes, expert warns

New Research on Radon Gas in Southern Alberta

Northwest Newswatch – Radon Study

HUD grant will improve homes in Akwesasne

Lindsay Wellness Fair hosts 45 vendors to promote health and screening


WDG Public Health hosting a radon and lung cancer information session

Radon gas causes more deaths than cars, say cancer prevention advocates

DID YOU KNOW? 15% of homes in WDGPH’s boundaries contain unsafe levels of radon gas

Be informed and test your home for radon gas - Guelph

October 2018

Radon and lung cancer information nights in Guelph, Fergus and Orangeville

Holmes Jr. tours Dolce Vita's new Net Zero home

Radon Meter Available to Borrow

September 2018

Mike Holmes: Slab-on-grade an economic, green-minded option for foundation

Is your home winter ready?

August 2018

Health Canada's Public Opinion Research

July 2018

Mining executive urges Nova Scotia to reverse ban on mining uranium

Smart plants’ could soon detect deadly radon and mold in your home

May 2018

Meet this Year’s Canada Research Chairs – Dr. Aaron Goodarzi’s radon research

What You Should Know About the Dangers of Radon Gas

Radon Study Results Worrying Health Unit

Radon on Global News: What you need to know! With Dr. Aaron Goodarzi

April 2018

April 3rd was Healthy Schools Day: Rule Out Radon! 

Children’s Health Group calls for mandatory radon testing in daycares, schools

Test Your Home for Radon – for Free

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décembre 2018

La Ville doit en faire plus, pense un citoyen

novembre 2018

Prenez garde au radon!

C’est le temps de mesurer le radon, gaz plus mortel que les routes

Le radon, gaz inodore et incolore dangereux

Un danger mortel pourrait se cacher dans votre maison

Novembre, mois de la sensibilisation au radon

Mois de la sensibilisation au radon – Novembre 2018

Radon: un test simple pour diminuer les risques de cancer

octobre 2018

Radon domiciliaire

septembre 2018

Le radon, ce tueur silencieux

2018 août

Enquête nationale de 2018 sur les connaissances liées au radon

2018 mai

Conférence: Occupe-toi du radon

Détecteurs de radon en consigne à la Municipalité

2018 avril

La journée des écoles en santé a eu lieu le 3 avril: Éliminons le radon! 

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