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CNRPP QA Webinar - Jan 21

  • 21 Jan 2016
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • online
  • 2


  • - certified as either a C-NRPP measurement, mitigation, or CRNCH Installer

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C-NRPP has developed a new C-NRPP Quality Assurance Manual.  This manual is in draft form and we are looking for professional input on the current draft by January 28, 2016.

CARST and C-NRPP have co-ordinated to provide a live webinar for C-NRPP Certified Professionals on the new C-NRPP Quality Assurance Manual.


This webinar will provide you with an opportunity to participate in a presentation on the outline of the new C-NRPP QA draft, ask questions, receive instructions on how to provide formal "Suggestions for Change" and provide an opportunity for immediate informal feedback.


Purpose of Webinar:

C-NRPP would like to provide C-NRPP professionals with opportunities to give input on the certification program.  This webinar will provide professionals with an immediate and interactive method of providing input.  It will provide C-NRPP professionals with a presentation of an overview of the draft C-NRPP Quality Assurance Manual and give opportunity for immediate input.

C-NRPP QA Webinar Agenda: (1 h)


5 mins-  Introduction and house keeping

20 mins-Review of draft of New C-NRPP Quality Assurance Manual

15 mins-Questions

5 mins-   Review of how to submit formal "Suggestions for Changes"

12 mins-Opportunity to provide input on draft of 

                 new C-NRPP Quality Assurance manual and 

                 informal suggestions for changes

3 mins-  Closing



It is encouraged, but not required, to review the manual before the webinar:

Download a draft of the New C-NRPP Quality Assurance Manual and draft templates from the C-NRPP website here.





This webinar can be used for C-NRPP Professional Practice Credits (required for C-NRPP Certification renewals) as 1 hr under the category of Radon Industry Participation.


Radon professionals are required to accumulate credits associated with various activities which contribute to growing the radon industry in Canada through interactions with the public and other radon professionals. These credits are required for renewals every 2 years.


20 credits every 2 years

- 4 credits must come from C-NRPP Approved Courses

- 16 credits must come from at least 2 out of the remaining 4 categories

- Limit of 10 credits can come from the Hands-On Category


Radon Industry Participation

This consists of activities which will enhance and encourage development of the radon industry within Canada. To receive credits in this category, you must provide details of the event/activity including the date, name, location and brief description of the event and of your participation.1hr of participation = 1 credit


See more details on the C-NRPP website 

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