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CARST Statement regarding Dr. Goodarzi’s new research

19 Dec 2019 5:48 PM | CARST (Administrator)

Please note: this blog will be updated as we receive more questions and as discussion continues.

Several CARST members have been receiving questions regarding Dr. Goodarzi’s recent research, which was publicized by CTV in Calgary in early December.  While the research covers many aspects of radon testing, the focus of the article - and of most of the questions that CARST professionals are receiving – is how this new research may affect CARST’s Guideline for Radon Assessment during a Real-Estate Transaction.

CARST has requested to enter into a data-sharing agreement with Dr. Goodarzi to access the data and be able to analyze it in detail ourselves.  However, based on preliminary analysis, this latest research correlates well with the research on which CARST based our Real-Estate Assessment Guideline at the time it was developed.  The new research helps to emphasize the importance of clear communication regarding the limitations of the assessment test, and the importance of always following-up an assessment test with a long-term test during the heating season as specified in the guideline.

It is important to remember that CARST continues to emphasize the importance of long-term testing.  The Real-Estate Assessment Guideline was developed to provide structure to those wishing to include a radon test as part of a real-estate transaction; a situation that is becoming increasingly common.  

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