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March Newsletter: Radon & Real Estate

07 May 2018 1:31 PM | Erin Curry (Administrator)

In many parts of Canada, spring is synonymous with house-hunting season.  For realtors and home inspectors, this is the busy season that can “make or break” their yearly performance. It’s an exciting time and a stressful one, as buyers seek expert advice and reassurance while they prepare to make what is often the biggest investment of their lives.  Across the country, real estate transactions in 2018 are more likely than ever to include a radon test.

So what does this mean for radon professionals?   

A radon test during a real-estate transaction is unlike other types of radon tests, since time is of the essence and big money is on the line.  Whether your client is selling or buying, there’s plenty at stake, and issues such as test interference, purchase deadlines, interpretation of test results and proper follow-up testing are more critical than usual.  For the past 2 years, CARST has been working to develop a real-estate testing guideline to offer guidance to all parties involved: radon professionals, realtors, home inspectors, and the buyers and sellers themselves.  The fact that this project is still in the works is an indication of the complexity of the issues.

While our Real-Estate Testing Guideline is not quite ready for distribution, we do feel it’s the perfect time to talk about radon and real estate, and our upcoming webinar is set to do just that!  Join us Friday, April 6 as we connect with various radon stakeholders to discuss some of the considerations to bear in mind when testing during a sale.  This is a topic that will be explored over several sessions during our upcoming Conference in Ottawa April 22-24, where we’ll present a “Real-Estate Toolkit”. 

One of CARST’s defining strengths is our ongoing collaboration with other radon stakeholders.  Supporting our partners’ initiatives is an exciting way to spread the word on radon and expand our united reach.  As part of our real-estate discussion, we’re pleased to bring two current initiatives to your attention.  The first is the Radon Workplace Challenge.  This program offers qualifying business an opportunity to test their workplace for free, and to spread the word on radon while they’re at it.

A second initiative currently underway is Healthy Schools Day.  Coming up soon on April 3, the 2018 edition of this annual event is focused on radon.  This event is organized by the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health & Environment (CPCHE), and they need your help! In order to increase awareness of radon in schools and childcare centers, CPCHE has put together a petition asking governments across Canada to protect children and staff from radon.   Don’t delay: sign the on-line petition today, and pass it on to your professional and personal contacts so they can do the same!

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