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CARST Conference - highlights of what is to come

17 Apr 2017 3:16 PM | Pam Warkentin (Administrator)

A quick reminder about the radon conference coming up next week. 


This is a great chance to take advantage of the conference to get ready for Radon Action 2017!

Here is a sneak peak at the conference program.

Why go to a radon conference?

  • Get your C-NRPP Professional Practice Credits - here is the schedule
  • Find out new research on radon in Canada
  • Connect with others in the business and people working in radon outreach
  • Learn new tricks of the trade
  • Understand aspects about radon, radon measurement, radon mitigation and radon awareness that you hadn’t thought of before
  • Get re-energized for the daily work

This year’s radon conference will be GREAT!

  • Dr. Goodarzi is presenting on his radon research from Southern Alberta which caught the media attention nation-wide.  If you haven’t heard Dr. Goodarzi present, you are going to love it.  He is a great presenter makes you understand concepts in a way that you will want to integrate into your own radon presentations.
  • Innovative Mitigation Professionals are going to share tricks of the trade.
  • Learn about some work that Alberta Infrastructure, Health Canada, RadonAware and other groups have been working on through the year.
  • Get updates on radon work across Canada.
  • Learn about Mitigation Challenges in our Houses from Heck session – go from feeling like a zero to a hero as you learn new techniques to tackling those mitigation challenges.
  • GREAT FOOD – we make sure you are well fed.  Full breakfasts, snacks and lunch included in Monday and Tuesday’s sessions, plus our Monday Evening – dinner is included, too.
  • Meet the winner of the Arthur G. Scott Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Meet great people
  • Visit Banff.
  • Ski hills are still open.... take an extra day to enjoy some fun on the slopes.

Dinner out – MountView Barbeque

  • This will be a fun dining experience.  Time to get your ‘Cowboy’ on.  Dress in your best cowboy wear… or just come as you are.  Be ready to relax and enjoy time together.
  • Cost is included in your registration!!
  • Listen to our Guest Speaker – Mike Holmes, Jr. share some of his thoughts on overcoming challenges.

Experience Banff

  • Come and see wildlife up close – this is not Disneyland, these animals are wild.  It is an amazing way to experience nature.  You may see mountain goats and elk walking through the town, maybe even bears, and moose.  They may look cuddly, but there are no cages around these animals.
  • Find information on travelling to Banff on our Travel to Banff page.

Radon Olympics

  • Worried you are going to be sitting around all day.  This will give you a chance to get some hands-on fun and competition. 
  • Celebrity Judge – Mike Holmes, Jr. 
  • Celebrity MC – Bill Rounds, Landauer Radon
We hope to see you soon!

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