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Monday Sessions:


Overview of the BC Lung Association and RadonAware Program


Genone Instability is Breathtaking: The Effects of Alpha Radiation Exposure on
DNA at a Molecular Level and Consequences to Cell Health


Bronchoscopic Innovations for Diagnosis of Early Lung Cancer


Public Health Policy for Radon in Canada


Radon Exposure and Risk of Lung Cancer in Canada


Update on Health Canada's Radon Program


CARST Annual General Meeting


Politics 101 - Queens Park


Radon Risk Management in the Workplace


Dynamic Radon Detection Over Measurement


Alternative Approaches to SubSlab Depressurization in Reducing Radon Levels
in Commercial and Institutional Buildings while Controlling Energy Costs


C-NRPP Update


Take Action on Radon Update


Tuesday Sessions: 


Experience with Different Approaches to Involve the Citizen and Building Professional in Radon Protection in Austria


An Overview of the European Radon Association


Alert But Don't Alarm


The UK Radon Association: The Development of an Active and Valuable


How Politics May Affect the Health Awareness and Behaviour of a Population, Reducing Radon Induced Cancer in Norway


Mitigation Surveys We Realized Through our Quebec Lung Association


The Interior Health Daycare Sampling Experience


Educating School Personnel and Testing Alaska's Schools for Radon



A Review of Radon Law and Policy in Canada


Revising Canada's Radon Guideline


NRC Helps Integrating Radon Technology into the National Building Code

Improving Radon Requirements in the BC Building Code


Regions Breakout Working Groups 





Scott McDonald, BC Lung Association


Aaron Goodarzi, Canada Research Chair in Genome Damage and Instability Disease 


Pierre Lane, BC Cancer Agency


Tom Kosatsky, BC Centre for Disease Control


Sandra Kruecki, Canadian Cancer Society BC


Kelley Bush and Deepti Bijlani, Health Canada




Steve Mahoney, Radiation Safety Institute


Winnie Cheng, Health Canada


Gregory Jean, AYKOW France


Jim Bagley, Levelton Consultants



Pam Warkentin, C-NRPP


Roshini Kassie, NB Lung Association




Angelika Kunte, National Radon Centre of Austria



James McLaughlin, European Radon Association


Rebecca Coates, propertECO


Martin Freeman, propertECO



Gunn-Berit Neergard, GEM Radon Detectors



Mathieu Brossard, Santé Canada


Greg Baytalan, Interior Health Authority, BC


Arthur Nash, University of Alaska, Fairbanks and Jim Burkhart, University of Colorado- Colorado Springs


Kathleen Cooper, Canadian Environmental Law Association


Lisa Gue, David Suzuki Foundatioin


Liang Grace Shou and Frank Lohmann, National Research Council of Canada


Zachary May, Building and Safety Standards Branch, Government of BC


Anne-Marie Nicol and Pam Warkentin, CARST 


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