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President of CARST

David Innes

David is a bilingual senior sales executive with over 25 years experience building international businesses from the ground.  David has spent most of his career in construction and construction related industries.  He is Director of Sales for Radon Environmental Management Corp. and a C-NRPP-certified professional in both the measurement and mitigation of radon.

Vice-President of CARST

Jeff LeBlanc

Jeff LeBlanc is a certified radon mitigation professional who runs both Cottage to Castle Home Inspections and Radon Repair in the greater Moncton area.  With past experience as a Realtor, Jeff is dedicated to increasing radon awareness in New Brunswick, Atlantic Canada and across the nation. 


Alexandre Taillon

Alexandre is the National Practice Leader and a Project Team Leader in the Indoor Environmental Quality group in Toronto for Pinchin Ltd. He is CNRPP certified as a radon measurement, mitigation and CRNCH professional since 2018 and leads teams from all across Canada that specialize in providing radon services to clients. Alexandre is fluently bilingual, holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (TMU) with over 15 years in construction management and is a Radiation Safety Officer for Pinchin. He comes highly motivated and excited to work with industry leaders to educate, spread awareness, collaborate, and create opportunities for continued growth.


Julie Girardeau

Julie Girardeau is the General Manager of Operations at AccuStar Canada and oversees the operations of the rental program at Airthings.  With extensive experience in banking, finance, and administration, Julie is located in Quebec City and is fluently bilingual.

Colin Dumais, BSc.

After finding and mitigating radon in his family’s home, Colin Dumais founded RadonWest Ltd; offering radon testing and mitigation services and radon resistant construction design. Passionate about renewable energy and energy efficiency, Colin works to raise radon awareness and ensure that mitigation systems are designed efficiently and economically using enhanced diagnostic methods and procedures. Colin is a C-NRPP trainer; certified in both measurement and mitigation. 

Marcel Brascoupé

A founding member of CARST, Marcel Brascoupé is a “certified” general contractor specializing in the installation of radon mitigation systems since 2008. Marcel is also a bilingual C-NRPP national certified trainer for radon measurement, mitigation and CRNCH courses, Marcel also participated in the development of Health Canada’s guideline document for radon mitigation and participated on or co-authored several scientific papers on radon mitigation.

Bruce Decker, CET, ROHT, BSSO

Bruce Decker is the Senior Indoor Environmental Specialist at BGIS with 24 years’ experience in the Environmental, Health & Safety and Building Science consulting industries.  Bruce is C-NRPP certified in measurement, mitigation and CRNCH and heads a national radon testing and mitigation team specializing in commercial buildings for corporate clients across Canada.  Bruce brings technical committee and Director experience to CARST from his involvement with CSA and EIA (EACO).

Michael Halliwell, Eng.

Michael Halliwell is an Environmental Engineer at Thurber Engineering in Edmonton, Alberta.  Michael has extensive experience in soil and groundwater assessment and remediation, soil vapour and indoor air quality in addition to radon measurement.

Andrea Schinkle

Andrea Schinkel, certified in radon measurement and testing, is passionate about reducing radon levels in workplaces and homes across Canada. As a public servant responsible for the creation and management of a department wide Radon Program, she has successfully reduced radon exposure in government facilities since 2011. She now brings that dedication to the public in Radon awareness, testing, and mitigation practices through her company Vancouver Radon Testing and Mitigation Ltd. 

Tod Boss

Tod Boss has been involved in the construction field for the past 25 years, in the home building industry and most currently as a Home Warranty Manager and Inspector in Manitoba.  During this time, he has continually advocated for high standards in regard to education, quality of work and both contractor and homeowner satisfaction.   Tod is a certified Radon Mitigation professional and continues to actively promote public education surrounding the harmful effects of Radon gas to provide companies and families improved health and peace of mind.

Andrew Arshinoff

Andrew is a Director of RadonCare, and he is a passionate and knowledgeable voice from within the radon industry. Andrew excels in problem solving and thrives off obscure mechanical and scientific problems. To him, the greater the challenge, the greater the personal fulfillment. Radon presents an opportunity for Andrew to solve these puzzles while helping others, a pursuit he greatly enjoys. Andrew has extensive experience in residential and commercial mitigations, and a contributor to the Evict Radon confederation, and a current C-NRPP Advisory Board Member.   He is also a supporter of the Lung Association programs across Canada - among other radon outreach programs.

Graeme Cooper

Graeme is the owner/operator of Point-The-Way Radon Services located in the Okanagan in BC.  Graeme is a licensed home inspector in the province of BC; he runs a large commercial/residential renovation and cabinetry company in the Okanagan and a radon mitigation company.  Graeme also finds time to make a priority of volunteering in his community to add balance to his work life, he is currently volunteers as a Group Commissioner for the 1st Summerland Scouts of Canada Group; is a certified Red Cross First Aid Trainer; and has 16 years of continual service with the Summerland Fire Department.   Graeme would love the opportunity to help and be more involved with CARST on the board of directors to represent mitigation professionals across Canada.

Dorothy Bewernick, B. Ed.

Dorothy has spent years making sure people understand the dangers of radon and how to protect themselves. Running and growing a business that has seen huge growth over the past 7 years hasn’t happened by mistake. There are so many different situations and circumstances that have shaped her experience in this industry and there are no signs of stopping! But this isn't just a job for her. After losing a parent to cancer at  17 years old, fighting cancer risks became personal. Dorothy wants to make sure no family goes through that kind of loss because of something we can prevent.

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