October 2019

Test kits for your home available next month

Abbotsford, B.C. partners with national health coalition for radon awareness campaign

Some homes suspected to have high concentrations of the deadly radioactive gas

Burke Mountain urged to take action on deadly radioactive gas

RM Of Dauphin Raises Awareness Of Radon

Free Radon Test Kits To Be Given at Information Session

Revelstoke engineering firm offering radon testing in support of library fundraiser

Halifax participates in 100 free radon test kit challenge (shared interview with Robert MacDonald, NS Lung Association)

Halifax participates in 100 free radon test kit challenge (interview with Robert MacDonald, NS Lung Association)

RM of Dauphin partners to distribute radon testing kits

Thunder Bay Man Surprised by High Radon Levels in his Home

Thunder Bay: Testing for Radon Can Save Your Families Lives

Revelstoke resident wins Radon Reduction Sweepstakes: Home owners who test and mitigate for radon can enter the contest

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Radon and lung cancer information nights in Guelph, Fergus and Orangeville

Holmes Jr. tours Dolce Vita's new Net Zero home

Radon Meter Available to Borrow

September 2018

Mike Holmes: Slab-on-grade an economic, green-minded option for foundation

Is your home winter ready?

August 2018

Health Canada's Public Opinion Research

July 2018

Mining executive urges Nova Scotia to reverse ban on mining uranium

Smart plants’ could soon detect deadly radon and mold in your home

May 2018

Meet this Year’s Canada Research Chairs – Dr. Aaron Goodarzi’s radon research

What You Should Know About the Dangers of Radon Gas

Radon Study Results Worrying Health Unit

Radon on Global News: What you need to know! With Dr. Aaron Goodarzi

April 2018

April 3rd was Healthy Schools Day: Rule Out Radon! 

Children’s Health Group calls for mandatory radon testing in daycares, schools

Test Your Home for Radon – for Free

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Radon domiciliaire

septembre 2018

Le radon, ce tueur silencieux

2018 août

Enquête nationale de 2018 sur les connaissances liées au radon

2018 mai

Conférence: Occupe-toi du radon

Détecteurs de radon en consigne à la Municipalité

2018 avril

La journée des écoles en santé a eu lieu le 3 avril: Éliminons le radon! 

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