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What is C-NRPP and what is CARST?  

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Why be a member of CARST?

CARST is raising awareness across Canada about radon and lung cancer.

Help Reduce Radon Risk in CANADA!

Membership Levels: Basic Membership          $ 200 
                                   Corporate Membership   $ 300  (includes weblink and logo on listing)
                                    - additional members    $ 150

Become a Corporate Sponsor:  (more information on becoming a sponsor)
                               Gold Sponsor     $ 2 500
                               Silver Sponsor    $ 1 000
                               Bronze Sponsor  $    500     

Membership benefits:

By being a member of CARST, you benefit from being part of an organization that is recognized as an organization that is instrumental in the fast changing Canadian Radon Industry. 


  • Get your name listed on the CARST website
  • Discounts at the annual CARST Conferences - click here for information on the 2016 conference
  • Use of CARST logo on website or printed materials - email to request
  • Access to CARST radon awareness packages (prepared radon flyers that have been professionally designed with your business in mind)                                                                     – available in membership section of website
  • Access to Insurance Package for Radon Professionals – details available in membership section of website
  • Access to sample newspaper articles; assistance for developing a Radon Events in your community – available by request
  • Access to Continuing Education (CE) courses at the annual CARST Conference, for maintaining your C-NRPP certifications
  • CARST members are also welcome to put forward ideas or presentation at the CARST conference or for CE Courses
  • Networking opportunities with other professionals working in the radon industry all across Canada and the USA
  • Opportunity to participate directly on different committees to advance Radon Awareness  all across Canada
  • Opportunities for support and mentorship for work in the radon industry
  • Using CARST membership on your resume/advertising gets your recognition as a member of a well-respected, trusted group in the Canadian radon industry that may assist in providing you with better appeal for commercial and institutional work (example: radon measurement or radon mitigation in schools, daycares, low rental housing projects, federal and provincial buildings, army bases, hospitals, etc 

Being a member also supports the work CARST is doing in the Canadian radon industry.


  • Annual CARST Conference which has helped engage many groups; provide information on emerging research and education and outreach
  • Mike Holmes PSA and Mike Holmes Jr. PSA
  • Changes to BC Building Code - CARST started the conversation for the changes
  • Added radon to MB Hydro Loan Program
  • Meeting with Ontario Ministers about recommendations for changes to Labour Act
  • TARION Warranty in Ontario
  • Manitoba Hydro Loan for Radon Mitigation in Manitoba
  • CARST is a reliable voice on radon
  • Helped CREA in developing the CREA Homeowner Guide to Radon
  • Canadian General Standards Board – New and Existing Mitigation Standard development
  • Worked with CELA on recommendations for Federal Income Tax Rebate

CARST members are individuals who are striving to save lives from radon induced lung cancer. 

Our membership fees cover costs of keeping one part-time staff.

Much of what you get out of a CARST membership depends on how much you put in. 


CARST members are making positive changes in the Canadian radon industry.  Join us!

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