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Radon Test Kits - these companies provide Do-It-Yourself Test Kits sold through their website.


Radon Measurement Services - these companies will provide full service testing for residential and commercial testing


Radon Mitigation Services - these companies will provide you with services to fix your home with elevated radon levels



Radon Measurement Products - these companies provide products to other radon professionals


Radon Mitigation Products
- These companies provide mitigation products to other radon professionals  


Online Radon Training:

-these companies who provide radon training as approved by the standards of the C-NRPP Certification Program


Radon Measurement Courses - these companies provide online courses to help you certify as a Radon Measurement Professional 


Radon Mitigation Courses - these companies provide online courses to help you certify as a Radon Mitigation Professional


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  • To promote public awareness of radon measurement, radon mitigation and new construction radon reduction techniques.
  • To ensure quality standards are developed and adopted in radon measurement, radon mitigation and in construction of new radon reduction techniques.
  • To provide a community for education, sharing of ideas, resources and research.
  • To provide an effective partnership between radon professionals in the field and other interested public and private organizations (such as Health Canada, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and others).

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