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2018 Radon Action Month Toolkit

November is Radon Action Month (RAM) in Canada.  This year, your Awareness Committee has developed a radon awareness campaign specifically targeting public libraries and hospital or health clinic waiting rooms.  This campaign was conceived specifically for CARST members, as something you can easily do to raise radon awareness in your communities.

We're encouraging all CARST members to reach out to a local library, hospital, or health clinic (using the letter of introduction below) with a request to post a radon awareness poster and make some informational pamphlets available in their facility during Radon Action Month.  

This toolkit is designed to contain everything you'll need.  Below you'll find a sample letter to introduce the campaign and an example of the poster and pamphlets that we'll be sending to participating facilities.  You can use the automated form to order the informational packages for your community.  Don't forget to check out the list (at the bottom of this page) of facilities that have already been contacted by other CARST members, so that we avoid approaching the same organizations more than once.

Click on the link to download and print the letter of introduction:

Example of Poster and Pamphlets that will be sent:

Sample Radon Presentation - (Optional: You could use this if you choose to also give an informational presentation in your community during Radon Action Month.)

As we reach out into our communities, sometimes it's a challenge to help people understand that, although many of us run radon-related businesses, we are providing radon awareness information as members of CARST.  It is important to have clarity that you are volunteering your time as a member of our association, but you are also available as a professional for them to hire for your services.   

Also, we want to ensure that our members are interacting publicly in accordance with our standards, here is our CARST Code of Ethics that you can use as a reference.

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