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  MONDAY -  April 24 2017       TUESDAY April 25 2017


Alpha particle irradiation and human health, and the results of the 2013-2016 Southern Alberta Radon Study               [Dr. Aaron Goodarzi and Fintan Stanley]

Radon Monitoring in Alberta Government Owned and Supported Buildings
  [Colin Wildgrube]


Introducing COIRA   [Shawn Price]

Innovator Mitigator   
[Various Presenters]
Concrete Shrinkage and Joint Sealing CARST 2017 final.pdf
Gophering - CARST 2017 Final.pdf

Cause Marketing: How to Benefit from doing Good 
 [Ryan Richie]

Discussion of Emanation & Granite [Dr. Jing Chen]

Importance for Radon Data as a Core Components to Informing Policy Decision Making [Britt Swoveland]

Transparent Communication of Radon Test Results in schools     [Greg Baytalan]

Learning Lessons & Best Practices from Testing our Schools         [Sahar Ashtiani]

Lessons for Policy Change Advocacy in Ontario
[Bob Wood]


Design and Development of a Radon Calibration Chamber for Canada   [Jason Sadowski]

C-NRPP Updates    [Pam Warkentin]

PNCR-C Programme 2017 mis à jour.pdf  

CARSTs Real Estate Testing Guideline                    [Mark Diplock]


The Log House from Heck 
[Various Presenters]

Common Sources of Noise in Radon Systems & Their Solutions   
[Henk De Haan]

Methodology for Determination of Radon Soil Concentration                                                               [James Menge]

Map of Radon Zones and Its Implication: A Case for Detect to Protect and Code Application              [Winnie Cheng]

Ottawa - Arnprior 1:50 0000 The Geography/Geology of Radon Hazard Potential Mapping  [Stephanie Woodend]


Health Canada's National Radon Program          [Kelley Bush & Renato Falcomer]

Radon Updates from Across the Country  [Various Presenters]


Lessons from Castlegar       [Dr. Dana Schmidt]

Discussion on the importance of the National Radon Program     [Dr. Jing Chen]


Intercomparison of Radon Chambers                     [Phil Jenkins]

Estimating Exposures in Workplaces                 [Cheryl Peters]

Concrete Shrinkage and Joint Sealing                  [Colin Dumais]

Best Practices Quality Control for Mitigation   [William Angel]


Analysis of Canada's Progress in Radon Awareness: How do we motivate people to action?   [Dr. Anne-Marie Nicol]

Dinner at MountView Barbecue
Guest Speaker: Michael Holmes, Jr.



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